Life Organization: Who Is Erin Condren?

I have no idea who Erin Condren is, but her company, Erin Condren Design, is making a huge splash in the organization world. She is famous for her Life Planner, affectionately known as the ECLP, that features colorful page spreads, weekly and monthly views, vibrant interchangeable covers, beautiful quote pages, and personalized accessories. The ECLP is the most eye-catching planner on the market, and every year it gets better. Below are some of the best videos to show you some different things you can do with an ECLP, but don’t forget to check out her website for a host of other adorable, vivacious items!

Erin Condren and her ECLP:

How to use your ECLP to organize your Life:

How to use your ECLP to keep your Budget:

How to use your ECLP for College:

How to use your ECLP as a Memory Keeper:


How do you keep your life organized? Stay tuned for my upcoming ECLP post when I finally get my first Life Planner! (It’s in the mail, now!)

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