What is StyleBook?

Part of my 10×10 for 2016 includes the goal to revamp my wardrobe. My first step was to use the KonMari method on my closet. The second step was to try out a closet organization app. If it sounds crazy to you, that’s because it is.

Yes, it was way too much work to set up. But once I had started the process, it was a matter of pride to finish. Additionally, I had just completely cleansed my wardrobe (look at my current stats below!) so it certainly was less stuff than I was used to.

The process is simple. Purchase the app. There are several on the market that are free, but I choose the market leader: Stylebook. It was a whopping $3.99, so I figured it was a good investment. I haven’t gotten my money out of yet, after only two days, but I did look much nicer than usual today…

This is the main screen:


By clicking the + button in the top left corner, you can add the clothes in your closet. It’s very simple to take pictures of each article individually, but it does require setting up a contrasting backdrop for each article. After snapping the picture, you edit the background, which can be time consuming if you chose a poor backdrop, but usually it takes just seconds. You sort each article into type and soon (or not) you’ll have your whole closet in the app. You can see mine below.


The clothes, shoes, and accessories shown above represent my entire closet, with the exception of my athletic wear, bath robes, and undergarments.

The app contains a calendar feature, where you can record when you wear which outfits. Is this a lot of work? Yes. However, the purpose of the calendar is to see what pieces you use and what pieces are gathering dust in the back of your closet. Humans are very bad at remembering things accurately, and this great feature allows you to view empirical data about what is working and what isn’t working in your wardrobe.


(I’ve only used the app for two days now and, no surprise, my leather high tops are getting the most action.)

After you take the time to input your wardrobe, the outfits process is actually pretty fast. You create each outfit by adding pieces of your wardrobe together. You can add and match your closet items indefinitely. I really enjoyed this process because I greatly desire a quick gallery of great ensembles that I 1) don’t have to think about and 2) are more inspired than I can usually come up with before coffee. Here are my outfits so far:


In the app you can see all the outfits in a small icon format, like above, or you can click on the outfit, it becomes full screen, and you swipe left and right through your entire gallery. I took a few screen shots to show you the full screen option.


So far, I’ve really enjoyed it, but subscribe to find out if this ends up being worth it or if I scrap the whole thing!


P.S., hey, Stylebook, can we please a feature that connects Stylebook to Siri, so I can wake up in the morning and say, “Siri, what should I wear today?”

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