My 10×10 for 2016 (Pt. 2)

January 2nd: Family

Family is so important to everyday life. I prioritized them second in my 10 days of 10 goals for 2016. 

1. Prioritize playdates for Munchkin

We plan to homeschool our kids and it’s time that I start carving out bits of my (too) busy schedule for kid-related activities. Okay, that sounded really bad, what I meant to say was I want to start setting aside time for the Munchkin’s agenda.

2. Prioritize coffee dates with friends

I have some really great friendships that I want to intentionally cultivate. These dates don’t have to be coffee, I guess, but what other girlfriend dates are there?

3. Do my TX tour

It’s no secret that I’m from the great state of TX and I want to dedicate a few weekends to visiting my (enormous) slightly-extended family around the state. Some are close but others will be quite a drive.

4. Penpal with family

I have a few family members who really enjoy snail mail and in the past I’ve let this opportunity to connect pass me by. This year I’m going to send out regular mail to these people.

5. Sew Munchkin’s memory quilt

I was inspired by this pin of a memory quilt and a friend at church who is an avid seamstress and willing to mentor. My plan is to sew an entire quilt from my favorite outfits of Munchkin’s first year. I’ve purchased some equipment and my base fabric for the squares and now it’s on to divvying up Munchkin’s clothes  into the appropriate number of squares and sewing them on to the base fabric, aaaaand so many steps more than that.

6. Send out my entire canister of mini envelopes/letters

I love the tiny little envelopes, especially ones carrying bright and inspirational project life cards, so I’m going to go through my entire collection in the year 2016.

7. Increase gift budget

I love shopping and purchasing gifts for people, but I don’t like going over budget. We never seem to have leftover money for gifts, so I want to bolster the designated gift portion of our budget. (You get a Yeti, you get a Yeti, you get a Yeti, everybody gets a Yeti!)

8. Cultivate open table policy

I love having people over for dinner but I hate cooking. Having people over for dinner therefore doesn’t come naturally so I’d like to spend some dedicated time planning, preparing, and entertaining. I want people to feel welcome to come over; I want my visiting family to look forward to being fed; I want my close friends to pop in to see what’s cooking. (Right now it’s cereal so… This is going to be a big change.)

9. Show up

I learned a big lesson this year when I went through a huge round of hostessing in my new house: be a good guest. RSVPs are invaluable, not to mention respectful, and the absolute bare minimum you can do to thank someone for inviting you into their home. When people invite me to things this year, I’m going to increase my effort to be sociable and say yes, even when I’d rather stay home in  my pajamas, because, hey, one of my acquaintances put a bra on today and vacuumed her floors just so that I could come over. I respect that sacrifice of time, freedom, and energy. I’m going to say yes!

10. Send out Christmas cards

This goal is very far in the future, as it is only January now. Putting this task on my radar this early means that it’ll get some attention, some forethought, and I have more time to break down this unreasonably huge task into achievable chunks.


Whew. What are your family goals for 2016?

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January 1st: Spirit

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