My 10×10 for 2016 (Pt. 3)

January 3rd: Business

Below are my goals for the blog, my career, and my academia.

Why are these all lumped into one? I am hoping to make money on my blog (read the first goal below) so it counts as business, and my academic goals are to enhance my career so that also counts as business.

Blog Goals

1. Make $1 on my blog

I really enjoy my blog. I’ve been writing sporadically since 2013 but now I’d like to dedicate more time to it.  I’m not sure how to make money on a blog, but Jae Lyn told me to make a goal that seemed unreachable, so here it is. 

2. Blog at least once per week

A humble and achievable goal.

3. Create a successful Instagram presence

This looks like a vague goal, but  it’s really about posting to Instagram on a nearly-daily basis.

Career Goals

4. Pursue crunch weeks

I took a business trip to my company’s headquarters in December for an entire week, sans family. It was hard to be without them, but I was able to put my head down and I clocked the most hours per week of my young career so far. I’d like to have a few more of these ultra-focused weeks at work this year.

5. Pursue extra training 

I want to be constantly learning new things at work and being more useful in the office. I’ve got a few specific trainings already listed towards this goal.

6. Be a team player

We’re all tempted to gossip, especially office gossip, where the lines between business relationships and personal relationships can become blurred. I want to be supportive and uplifting to my coworkers and develop a reliable and synergistic network.

7. Intentionally pursue things that I don’t understand

No more shying away from problems that I don’t have experience in. No more reassigning projects to “more qualified” personnel. Learn it. Figure it out. Ask questions. Ask more questions.

8. Maintain consistent hours at work

With my masters program starting this month, cramming in enough hours per week to keep up our current budget is going to be a struggle. 

Academic Goals

9. Kill my year 2016 of my masters program

Pretty self-explanatory.

10. Receive/pursue scholarships

In order to make our savings cover my entire masters degree, I will need some assistance from this school. This is a vague goal that encompasses researching and applying for scholarships from the school, for assistantships, and third party scholarships. 


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