My 10×10 for 2016 (Pt. 4)

January 4th: Home & Stuff

Welcome back to my 10×10: 100 goals for 2016 and the foreseeable future. These Home & Stuff goals were a lot of inspirational fun to make!

1. Use the KonMarie method on the house

I want to go through each room and systematically de-clutter and reorganize.(I’ve already finished the master bedroom closet!)

2. Beautify pantry

Inspired by this pin, this pin, and this pin, I want to transform my pantry into a place where things are more efficient and more aesthetic.

3. Revamp office space

I’d like to hang some shelves for my writing utensils and a few notebooks and books that I keep close at hand.

4. Decorate seasonally

One of my favorite blogs is Paper&Glam, where the author, Lisa Marie, is all about seasonal living. She’s inspired me to celebrate more! Celebrate in every season! See her apartment walk-through videos on her YouTube channel for some decoration inspiration.

5. Create a stress-free wardrobe

I want to look good but spend less time on my outfits. I refuse to spend a huge amount of time getting ready in the morning and I hate the phrase “putting on my face,” but paradoxically I’d like to look professional and organized. Step one, cleaning out my clothes, and step two, setting up a wardrobe app, have already been accomplished in between the time when I made the goals and shared these goals here.

6. Transform closet into peaceful space

This is a tip from Marie Kondo and a really great practice. The time you spend in your closet getting ready for the day shouldn’t be overwhelming. I’m on my way here already.

7. Paint and redecorate master bathroom

You don’t get pictures of what it looks like right now… No bueno.

8. Create drive of music

I want to rip all the CDs I have and store them on some sort of drive so that hubsy and I can more easily combine our collections and put whichever music on whichever devices. Also, I want to increase my music library with some of the artists that I really enjoy but haven’t bought stuff from yet.

9. Spend time as a family working on the yard

We moved into our house in the summer of ’15 and still have a lot of work to do “on the grounds.” It’s also a very bonding time for the three of us.

10. Have a permanent car setup

At various times, I’ve had systems in my car but never ones that work. I need to be keeping chapstick, set of clothes for Evie, emergency snacks, Evie’s toy bag or Bible bag, etc.


What are your Home & Stuff goals for 2016?

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7 thoughts on “My 10×10 for 2016 (Pt. 4)

  1. I really do want to go through my ‘things’–i use a one year method for things, aka: if i haven’t used it in a year, see ya. Might use your method for my bookshelves because there seems to be some latent guilt-ish stuff with not having read some of the books lining them…

    Any suggestions for how to organize notes and scraps of inspiration? I have kept cards and pieces of paper with my scrawl or other’s words and have them in every which place, but not anywhere I can find them when I need them. Is that called hoarding?

    Liked by 1 person

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