My 10×10 for 2016 (Pt. 5)

January 5th: Giving

Good morning (or whatever time you’re reading this). Here’s the 5th installment of my 10×10 for 2016. What’s 10×10? It’s the made-up name I’m using for 100 goals distributed across then major areas of my life.

1. Be better at socking away money to gift

There are biblical examples of setting aside money to aid Christians and neighbors in need. Hubsy and I have always wanted to do this, but with the fluctuation in our income and living arrangements and family size (whew!) in the last two years we haven’t been able to be consistent with this.

2. Be on the meal trains for church

My congregation starts “meal trains” for needy families or new mothers to help them out. My first test has already come. I’ve signed up and have no idea what I’m going to make! Here’s to making this goal.

3. Create a home where people feel welcome to stay

Another Biblically based goal. A lot of elements go into making people comfortable in your home: atmosphere, furniture, clutter, smell, practicality. Different people need different things: kids need breakable objects to be up high; my very tall in-laws need lots of elbow and leg room; my siblings need a good movie selection, etc.

4. Give of my time

Yes, this seems vague, but some of this goal overlaps with the goals for my family in 2016, namely prioritizing playdates, coffee-dates, correspondence, visiting, saying yes to invitations.

5. Be there

I want to be reliable. When people need help moving, de-wallpapering, etc., I want to be there.

6. Pick a local charity to plug into

I don’t like…talking to people. I don’t like… plugging in… or getting out… So this is a big challenge for me. Stay tuned to see how this turns out.

7. Serve the church

Hmm, it’s almost like the Bible is all about giving…

8. Donate books to library

When I purge my books (read: get read of three whole books) I usually sell them to Half Price Books, but I want to start a new habit of donating them. (And let’s be honest HPB give you pennies, pennies of what the books are worth.)

9. Change my “scarcity mentality”

Always worrying about not having enough clothes, about being hungry after my meal, about not having enough money. I am incredibly blessed and I don’t need anything else. To further this goal, I am starting a gratitude journal, as sketched in my spiritual goals.

10. Accept gifts and compliments with grace

My friend likes to say, “Don’t rob me of a blessing.” When someone else tries to do something for you, but you say “no,” because of pride or discomfort or you don’t want to put them out, you are robbing them of a blessing. They would have enjoyed giving something to you, and you should enjoy receiving the blessing as well. This is one of my goals for 2016.

What are your giving goals for 2016?

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6 thoughts on “My 10×10 for 2016 (Pt. 5)

  1. Giving goals–I am always pulled back to 2 Corinthians 8 and their giving–overflowing out of their poverty, giving of themselves first to the Lord then others, seeking to give and finding joy in the unity that it brings. It feels like our nation is a group of hoarders trying to keep all of our stuff to ourselves to our own detriment; emotions and feelings and sins included. What if we gave like you are pushing yourself to? Like the Corinthians did?


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