My 10×10 for 2016 (Pt. 9)

January 9th: Recreation

This is when things started to get difficult. There’s so much overlap between all the sectors so far, when I got to recreation goals a lot of them had been written down else where. However, I’m quite happy with the list I ended up with:

1. Go on vacation in 2016

Our little family has never been anywhere besides visiting family. I’d love to take the baby to the beach or see some big aquariums in another state.

2. Create a station for art

I have so little time to sketch and paint, it needs to be an easy process to get started.

3. Create a show set

Description not available.

4. Create some go-to party playlists

There’s always a panic at the very last minute about what music would be right to play at the party. No more.

5. Do more with singing nights

We have some friends come over every other week to sing a little four part harmony and learn how to sight read. These have been scatter-brained attempts on my part so far and I want to tighten it up in 2016.

6. Host at least 2 movie nights

7. Host at least 2 game nights

We are now the proud owners of SkipBo, Phase 10, Sequence, Monopoly Deal, and many more. Let the games begin!

8. Host a Bubble Ball party

9. Host a sleepover with my friend’s kids

Check mark! But I’d love to do it again.

10. Host a big  Galentine’s Day bash




What are your recreation goals? Did you have any goals left over by the time you got to section 9?

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