My 10×10 for 2016 (Pt. 10)

This is the final set of goals to kick off 2016 from me. I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey! I’ve enjoyed sharing it with you and all of your WONDERFUL feedback! Thank you to every one who has liked, commented, shared, and read. ❤

January 10: Personal

1. Develop morning routine

This has been going well so far. I’ve recently discovered The Miracle Morning, and it’s made an impact on how I mentally start the day. It helps me get in all the things that I want to do but “never have time for.” I’ve changed the routine from the original routine one created by Hal Elrod. My routine coming soon.

2. Grow out hair until Christmas

Doesn’t need much explanation. I’ve already been growing it out for 18 months now. Any suggestions for things that might help?

3. Spend the time to find a good physician, dentist, and gyno

I’ve been in this city for over a year. It’s time to find good doctors. No more excuses.

4. Upgrade certain items of my wardrobe

This seems redundant to my Home & Stuff goals, but has more to do with my utilitarian items as opposed to my fashion items.

5. Evaluate 10×10 on a regular basis

This will probably manifest in quarterly reviews

6. Invest in quality bath decor and items

I love a good soak. Bubbles? Can’t have too many! Essential oils? Put in all the scents! Candles? Light ’em up!

7. Read 1 book each month

I already want to increase this to two books a month, but I can only commit fifteen minutes a day. (It’s part of my miracle morning!) However many books that gets me through, that’s how many I’ll read.

8. Find an alternative de-stress routine

I LOVE shopping. That’s how I de-stress. Let me just say, it’s not very cheap.

9. Plan out meals

This is another effort on the fitness front. The more you plan what you eat, the more in charge you are.

10. Enjoy cooking and baking

Hey, maybe this is how I can de-stress, eh?


How are YOU attacking the new year?


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4 thoughts on “My 10×10 for 2016 (Pt. 10)

  1. I am trying to ninja this new year–subtle attacks, outwitting, and quietly advancing. I am also trying not to conquer the world, but weed out my heart’s garden instead, allowing for good and new life to grow without starting completely over. This way, I am able to take the fruit from last year and replant those seeds while also adding in one or two other items.

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