4 thoughts on “VIDEO: Bullet Journal Plan With Me Week 1

  1. If only I could write that fast…My question is–I like the format of a weekly To Do list rather than a daily (or in addition to a daily), BUT what if you have larger, long-term things listed out on your To Do list? I am using, quite loosely, the Bullet Journal system at work and my To Do list is filled with bigger projects as well as daily accomplishable things. Ideas? Thoughts?

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    1. I would say that it depends. Do these tasks belong on a collection somewhere? I know that if I had my home improvement tasks, long term projects, semester long tasks, etc. all on my daily to-do list, I’d go crazy. For me, it’s better to keep the little things and the day-to-day things together on my daily page and save the long term items on their own lists. Is this wasteful? Well, I think of it this way: when hubsy and I begin to shift our focus to home improvement projects well hey I’ve got that whole list right here. Aside from then, I don’t want to be staring at those glaringly huge tasks every day. So I wait until dedicated time for that topic and then I go to the page on which I keep that topic’s task. Did that bring any clarity? It’s all up to how you use your bujo and the best thing for you.


      1. That does bring clarity–I would say that my fear is forgetting about those collections and never working on them. Maybe that’s a fault of discipline rather than list/collection making? I used a spread by bohoberry to help align my big projects with which quarters I aim to have them completed by–so I wonder if there is a happy Medium or if I should simply set a calendar reminder to check my Goals Collection to make sure I am working on the larger projects regularly. Thank you for your input!

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