Just Write It: Tips To Get Started

It is my belief that every person contains prose, poetry, song, and passion, but sometimes writing can be daunting. You may not feel creative enough, although you have a little voice in the back of your heart that is whispering chapter titles. Don’t let your inexperience, past losses, or critics hold you back from expressing that which is laid in your heart. Here are some quick tips and resources to help you continue or start your journey to writing.

Write every day.

A time-honored tradition, the starting block for writing is the simplest: just write. Write every day. All you have to do to join the club of authors and poets is write. We let everyone in and only ask one commitment: write every day. There’s lots of studies out there that I’m not interested in finding about how beneficial writing every day is, especially stream of consciousness journaling and gratitude listing. Don’t take my  word for it; do your own research.

Share well.

Sometimes our closest confidants are those who are most critical of our creative dreams. Sometimes those nearest us don’t understand the dampening impact of their negative or dismissive words. Take this sentence as permission to keep your writing secret if you want to. Share when you’re ready with people who support and encourage you, because that is a beautiful two-way gift, but don’t share prematurely.  

Read Big Magic.

Elizabeth Gilbert is one of my favorite authors ever, so when she wrote a book on creativity, umm, sign me up. I read this book in a really pivotal time in my life and it was part of the wisdom, the encouragement that I needed to write my first book. I will forever be grateful to Liz.  

 Commit to 12 weeks.

Another pivotal moment for me was reading The Artist’s Way. Find an accountability buddy and commit to this writing program. It’s just a book with some journaling prompts and mental exercises that will make you super uncomfortable, nbd.  Unlike any other information I’ve ever consumed, this book unblocked my little voice-box. It’s a commitment of at least an hour a week plus the commitment to write every day(seeStep 1 above). It’s scary, but so worth it. 

Set the mood.

Don’t be afraid to make a little ritual of it. Your favorite place, scent, or sounds can help make a new habit stick. Here’s my preferred writing playlist, but feel free to cultivate your own.  

Change your language.

You, my friend, are a writer.  Start calling yourself that; adopt it as a label; live into the image you have of the imaginative, free-spirited, prolific creator. That is you, dear. 

Best wishes on your writing journey, love.

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