Money Challenge: #NoSpendSeptember

If your summer was anything like mine, it was beautiful, chaotic, and… expensive. It felt like I travelled every other day (and I loved it). But it was certainly not kind on my bank account. So, this September, I am challenging myself and you to save and improve money habits.

The goals are clear. I’ve chosen objectives that will move my life resources (time, money, and energy) into better places. I’m focusing less on things and consumption and more on being present and living simply.

These goals may not fit your financial needs, so feel free to set your own goals for September — or whatever month you are in — just make sure you write out your goals clearly before you start. Write them, share them, and tag me so we can go through this together.

In order to meet my goals, I set some simple rules. These granular items are the building blocks to habitual monetary health. A lot of you already do these things (yay, you!), but I know there are still some of us out there who could use these simple parameters.

Again, take the liberty to set whatever rules will help you the most, but make sure to writ them out, share them, and tag me.

I won’t live by these rules forever, but I want to see what kind of positive impact I can make on my finances and, more importantly, on my focus.

What are your best money practices? Leave below!

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