VIDEO: Academic Planning in your Bullet Journal

Check out my new video where I describe how I keep track of new collections and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more content!


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An Aspiring Literatus: Seven Words I Learned in 2015

The best nuggets of erudite wisdom I received from my time in community college were simple, honest, and spoken by my talented English teacher, Mr. Hoppe:

“Never write anything you wouldn’t want to read yourself.”

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I Could Be In Church Right Now

I heard a man in Bible class lament that young people these days use any excuse to skip worship. He said, “Look at all these elderly people who are in constant pain and they make the effort to be here every time the doors open and these young folk stay home because they have a ‘headache.'” Continue reading “I Could Be In Church Right Now”

Morning Devotional from Haggai

I spent my morning pondering Haggai, one of the minor prophets near the end of the Old Testament. I took some lessons to let myself steep in, four of which I will share with you.

1. Consider your ways

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VIDEO: Bullet Journal Flip Through

Hello gentle readers!

I am very excited to share with you my bullet journal set up. Watch me flip through each page and get inspired for your own bullet journal!

Questions? Leave them in the comments below! Using my ideas? Tag me in your Instagram photos and tweets!

Don’t Make 100 Goals

If you’re familiar with my blog, you might remember the ten posts I made during the first ten days of the new year (2016), each containing a distinct area of life with ten goals, for a whopping total of 100 goals. I’ve gotten some mixed feedback on these posts and that’s okay. Continue reading “Don’t Make 100 Goals”

My 10×10 for 2016 (Pt. 10)

This is the final set of goals to kick off 2016 from me. I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey! I’ve enjoyed sharing it with you and all of your WONDERFUL feedback! Thank you to every one who has liked, commented, shared, and read. ❤ Continue reading “My 10×10 for 2016 (Pt. 10)”

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