Mentorship & Internship

Stars are aligning over here in Austin and big things are on the horizon for me and the community. There is more work than hands, even with how much the team has grown this year. I am opening up the team to you, my reader, my neighbor, my friend. If you are interested in being part of the mission, the fun, the music, the chaos, please read the description below or share with someone who might be a good fit.

Look how fun I am to work with. You know you want to work with me. 😉

The details

I am looking for an intern with drive, creativity, and passion to help me manage my personal brand, which includes a growing YouTube channel & Instagram, a weekly Austin-based blog, a band, and several upcoming books. It is unpaid for the semester,  but I am hoping to create a longterm relationship with excited and hard-working assistant who will want to join my team in a fuller capacity in the future. 

The instagram is so pretty. Don’t you want to help? 📸

Skills you will learn

  • How to publish books on Amazon
  • How to be part of the marketing launch for new books
  • How to collab with other online presences and local celebrities
  • How to manage a content calendar
  • How to distribute content across social media platforms
  • How to network with new audiences
  • How to grow a following on social media platforms, especially Instagram & YT
  • How to use to create eye-catching graphics
YouTube was my first love and I post a new vlog every week! 🎥

Tasks might include

  • Schedule posts to instagram
  • Instagram tag research and compilation
  • Generate new YT thumbnails from preexisting templates
  • Support LoF team on photoshoots around Austin
  • Call venues and books gigs for the band
  • Monitor social media accounts for comments
  • Upload videos to YT, FB, IGTV and tag/describe appropriately
  • Reach out to instagram accounts to solicit book reviews
  • Send books/ebooks to potential viewers
  • Record vlog material (only when in person)
  • Create events & manage RSVPs
  • Organizing photos and video content
  • Record video for band gigs
I write lots of originals that my band works up, but you might know this one. 🎧

The right candidate will be available to work about 5 hours (virtually!) per week, be available for occasional special events, and be available to work with me in person 2-3 times per month.

If you hang out with me, there is bound to be coffee involved… Just a warning.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please send a note to laneonfire.hello(at) containing

  • What interests you in this job
  • What keeps you busy, what you’re up to already
  • And a piece of my content (from any platform) that really excites you



Hi, you. You belong here.

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