Weekend Getaway Staples You’re Missing

I just got back from a weekend anniversary trip to Chicago… #dreamlife. I’ve never been before, but there are a few things I take with me on a weekend trip no matter where I go. Add these things to your “basics” list to reduce the stress of travel, especially whirlwind travel of just one or two nights. 

Hairbands: Love these things. Everyone is back to wearing scrunchies, but I don’t like them getting wet when I wash my hands or being fluffy on my arm. I stick with these corkscrew sparkly things and I keep one on my wrist and one in my purse (for hair emergencies). 

Mobile charger: Ideally, all my devices would be fully charged by the time I leave for a weekend, but let’s be real, please, that doesn’t always happen. Keep a mobile charger (which you should charge first, the irony) in your travel bag. 

Headphones: plane rides are a thing, people. Bring your headphones. I’ve fooled around with a lot of cheaper bluetooth headphone options and wasted a lot of money. Even though I use headphones every day — at work, at the gym, on the phone — I tried to avoid shelling out for a quality set. Big mistake. It would’ve been much cheaper had I gone with the gold standard the first time. I recommend Apple’s Airpods (linked in picture), or these Bose bluetooth headsets, which have great reviews.

A book: Are we being honest here? I feel like I never finish a book anymore. I’m in the middle of at least ten. heavy sighSo, this weekend, did I reach for a book in progress? Oh, no, no. I didn’t. I eagerly grabbed one of my anniversary gifts from my husband and began devouring the bite-sized bios of some of the most creative and successful women across time. I’m so obsessed with morning and evening routines, this book has been on my wishlist for a long time.

Dry shampoo: Especially for a plane trip, my go-to dry shampoo can circumnavigate the need to bring a crazy amount of travel-sized hair products. Wash the night before I leave and dry-shampoo the heck out of it during the weekend. Boom. Done. Hair goddess every time.

Running shoes: Just a twenty minute run over the weekend can keep me feeling grounded, active, and on routine. My favorite running shoes for the street or the gym are my Salomons. I’ve been running regularly since January of this year, so I’ve got seven happy months in these babies. (Plus, when I run on the trail, Salomon’s trial running shoes are such a dream.)

What are your go-to staples for travel?

Hey, Jolie Jo, what do you always bring on a weekend trip that I might be missing from my list?

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