Get A New Phone; Reset Your Life.

Although no one is exactly eager to spend an hour at the phone store, every few years you will find yourself with a sales rep, looking at mobile devices (that all have exactly the same capability, by the way) and facing the annoying task of moving your life from one phone to another. So, when the Glitch Fairy waved her magic wand over my phone this week, I decided to make a new phone a chance for a positive lifestyle change. Here are some of my reframe strategies for creating a mentally clean slate with something as mundane as a phone.

Consider starting completely fresh. Blank phone; no imported backup. How does that make you  feel? It might sound really scary, but a big change in how you use your phone could be the momentum you need to change some habits. Maybe don’t download any apps until you find yourself needing it. Use this opportunity to choose new favorites, pick different apps in the prime locations, change the wallpaper.

Clean out those contacts. If you do sync or restore a backup, take the time to cull through your contacts. I know my contact list is full of about five billion people I’ve never met(andthat’s really only a hundred unique contacts with fifty million copies each). The easiest way to edit your contact list for iPhones is

Identify your phone priorities. What do you use your phone for? How does it support you? What habit does it perpetuate that you want to cut out of your life? These are big questions for such little devices, but we spend hours on our phones every day. Use that time wisely. My priorities are communication, Lane on Fire, listening, writing, and health.

Search for related stuff. In downloading my most important apps — Spotify, GuitarTabs, Instagram, YouTube — I discovered apps that work in tandem with my go-to things. For instance, in re-downloading Spotify, I found Setlistify, an app the lists out what bands played during gigs and links them to the corresponding Spotify track. I’m sorry, yes, please. I also found TrackQueen, which pulls up the lyrics to whatever song you’re listening to on Spotify. It grabs other unnecessarily cool info, like artist bio, videos of the song, and links to the artist’s social media platforms. I’m sorry, yes, please. No more Googling lyrics at work because there’s an app for that. 

Explore new capabilities. I’m always amazed when I go into the app store. Phones can do more, serve more purposes than I can even imagine. You want this to be the year you get healthy? There’s an app to track sleep, water, food, exercise, and breathing. There’s apps that create communities around goals, apps that give you a creative outlet, apps that keep you smiling. Waste some time window-shopping. Dream of a new life. Some of my new adventures include Sleep Cycle, DropBox Paper, and Runkeeper.

Do you have any rituals or routines for getting a new phone? Do you keep everything synced so each phone is a perfect replica of the last or do you enjoy the fresh start?

One thought on “Get A New Phone; Reset Your Life.

  1. I use the “Offload Unused Apps” option in Settings + reevaluating regularly to see what I “need” and what actually helps.


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